Women Sport Magnetic Massage Hula Hoop Fitness Magnet Hoops


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Women Sport Magnetic Massage Hula Hoop Fitness Bodybuilding Slimming Magnet Hoops Lose Weight

Assembly: please insert slippery mouth directly through the grooves and pressure;Will connect tighten, two steps can be assembled.
This product is composed of multiple stage, the user can be adjusted individual needs
When traveling or stored hula hoop can be split apart, easy to carry, especially suitable for travelers.

It consists of four color eight period of hula hoop tube, tear open outfit, easy to carry.
Made of high quality plastic manufacturing, compressive resistance to fall off, not easy because of the collision and burst;
Massage can be segmented limbs, alleviate fatigue with local body.
Perfect technology, feel better, use the experience better.
The inside magnetic bead massage ball had the effect to promote subcutaneous fat movement, beautiful body, magnetic therapy and health protection effect.

Material: ABS
Function: Magnetic Massage, Lose Weight
Type: Magnet
Age: 6-60
Color: mix
Part: 8
Size: 42×24×7cm
Weight: 1080g

Please allow the screen color difference.

Packed includes:
1x Sport Hula Hoop