Ventilate Arm Aabdominal Muscle Training Slimming Exercising Chin Pull-up AB Sling Straps


Perfect for Hanging, Sling, Chin up, Sit up and Pull up.
Ideal for building core muscles, can also be used to tone abdominal muscles and improve aesthetics.

1. Easily be attached to many standard chin-up bar.
2. Made with sweat resistant breathable material to allow for comfort free workout.
3. Strong rip resistant for ultimate durability.
4. Long handles and extra wide, thickly padded straps minimize stress to the arms and maximize comfort.
5. Extremely strong fastening (able to fit onto any sized pull up bar) easy to attach,can be attached in less than a minute.
6. Perfect for home and gym use.

Type: Abdominal Athletic Straps
Material: Nylon
Color: Black
Weight: App 517g
Size: As the picture shown

Package Included:
1 X pair of ab strap (the bar is NOT included)