Large Display Jogging Step Pedometer Walking Calorie Distance Counter


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Product Name:Large LCD Display Jogging Step Pedometer
Dimension:5x5x2.5cm(include belt clip)
Colors:Only blue now.
Weight:approx. 30g
Built-in Power:DC1.5V(AG-10 button battery)
Accesories:one original battery,instructions
Step counter up to 99999 steps
Distance traveled indication up to 99.999KM/99.999Miles
Calories burnt indication up to 9999.9 Kcal
Metric and imperial system selected
Pedometer uses high sensitive components,high counting accuracy.
Automatic shut off for power saving 1 minute
3 counting modes:Counting calories,View the total number of steps,View the total distance.

Package Includes:
1 x LCD Display Jogging Step Pedometer

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Color Blue