Adjustable Fixed Support Ankle Protect Belt Brace Aluminum Strip Foot Exercise Medical


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1. For ankle sprains, ankle instability patients, etc
2. Prevent ankle injury, reduce the pressure of ankle injuries, strengthen ankle-joint and promote tissue healing effect.
3. Can be used with ordinary shoes, will not affect the walking gait.
4. Fixed easy to stand, anyone can easily fixed ankle.
5, It have 2 aluminum alloy strips to help support ankle easily.
6, Material is OK cloth, very breathable and comfortable.
Material: OK Cloth with two aluminum alloy strips
Color: Black
Size: M, L, XL
1. All the sizes are measured manually, and mistakes may exist, please understanding that.
2. Separately washing from other clothes . Do not bleach, can use cold water washed, dried, do not use the washing machine dehydration, do not use hot water washing.
Package Includes:
1 X Ankle Brace
1 X Belt with Velcro
2 X Aluminum Alloy Strips


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