A Pair Of Tens Adhesive Electrode Pads Acupuncture Digital Therapy


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Manufactured to a high standard, these electrodes can be removed by pulling up from the lead wire without damaging the structure of the electrode.
The adhesive gel used is biocompatible hydrogel which ensures comfortable removal from the skin but at the same time provides excellent adhesion even on moist or sweaty skin.
The gel has a long life and the pads are highly reusable and give excellent conductivity.
Will fit on any standard 2mm male pin coming from your tens machine.
High quality adhesive.
Make sure your skin is clean and free from lotions.
Don't apply pads to broken or sore skin.
When not being used place them back onto the plastic backing supplied.
Size: 4 x 4cm / 1.57" x 1.57"

Package included:
1 x Pair of Tens Electrode Pads