8 Pull Rope Chest Expander Elastic Rope Yoga Fitness Equipment


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8 Pull Rope Chest Expander Elastic Rope Yoga Fitness Equipment
The chest expander is a fairly simple tool consisting of two handles joined by two latex tubes, lighte and portable.
The chest expander is actually fairly versatile and can be used to work more than the chest. It can also be used to work the back, lats, shoulders, forearms and the triceps.
Keep your body in good shape and slim with this Pull Rope!

Color : send it by random
Weight : about 200g
Length: 50cm
Bearing: 6 kg tensile
Material: Rubber, Foam

Package Include:
1 X Pull Rope

Right usages will help you reach to your fitness goals easily:
1. To work the chest, grab each of the handles. Slowly pull the expander as far as you can. Once you reach the point where you can't pull it any longer, hold the position for ten seconds, then release. Repeat this process for 10 to 12 reps.
2. To work your back, you essentially do the same thing, except the expander is across your back as opposed to your chest. Push the expander as far as you can, hold the position for ten seconds and release.
3. You can work your lats with a motion almost identical to the chest and back expansions. Place the expander behind your neck and grab both handles. Pull apart as far as you can. Hold the maximum extension for 10 seconds and return to the starting position.
4. Work shoulders. Place the expander at mid-back level, palms facing outward and elbows close to your sides. Extend your arms to the sides, almost as if you are punching something next to you. Hold theposition 5 seconds and repeat.
5. To work your biceps, kneel on the floor, placing your knees in the middle of the expander. Curl your arms upward, holding for 5 seconds and repeat.